BTS V becomes the first Korean to have 4 Instagram posts with over 17 million likes

BTS V has 4 posts that received more than 17 million “likes” on Instagram, proving the aspect of “Instagram King” and “Social King”.

On Jan 14th, a photo taken at “The Late Late Show with James Corden” among BTS V‘s Instagram posts surpassed 17 million “likes”.

BTS V Instagram posts with over 17 million likes

With this, V has 4 posts that reached 17 million “likes” on Instagram. This is the first record for an Asian and there are only four in the world. Except for V, pop star Billie Eilish, the “Icon of Generation Z”, has 5 posts that received 17 million “likes” while world-class soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo each have 4 each (as of Jan 16th).

Overseas media outlets, including the “World Music Awards”, reported V’s amazing record in a rush.

BTS V Instagram posts with over 17 million likes

The photo of Yeontan, the first dog to receive 17 million “likes”, has been receiving steady love as it surpassed 18 million likes as of Jan 16th.


V’s four Instagram posts, which surpassed 17 million “likes”, are showing off his one-top popularity by all-killing Asia’s top 4.


In addition, V proved explosive interest at the same time as the opening of BTS members’ personal Instagram accounts in December last year, surpassing 1 million and 10 million followers in the shortest time, and was officially certified by Guinness World Records.


V became the most followed Korean male celebrity within 16 days of opening his Instagram account and once again set a new world record by surpassing 30 million followers in 27 days.


Meanwhile, V is constantly communicating with fans through the fan community platform Weverse and Instagram even though BTS is on a long vacation. He is also receiving a lot of love by releasing the OST “Christmas Tree” for the drama “Our Beloved Summer.

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