The reason why the sweet and gentle “Angel” Park Bo-gum yelled at this actress during filming

Actor Park Bo-gum, who returned to his fans after completing his military service six months ago, has been a hot topic every day.

Park Bo-gum is spreading his good influence by donating to build houses for the descendants of men of national merit with Sean of Jinusean, the “King of Donations.”

Actress Kim Hye-soo, a leading story maker in the entertainment industry, is also said to have called Park Bo-gum an angel from heaven.

Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum, who is well-known for his visual and personality, recently shouted at an actress during a show, drawing attention.

In the fifth episode of TVING “Youth MT,” which was released on Sep 30th, the cast got the chance to reenact the legendary entertainment show “Dangerous Invitation”.

Park Bo-gum

“Dangerous Invitation” is a popular segment of KBS2’s “Super TV Sunday is Fun – MC Crash,” which aired from 2002 to 2003. It was loved as a talk show specifically for female celebrities.

The rule is that whenever the female celebrity does a certain action or says a certain word, they will be punished with a water bomb or gets a flying chair penalty, and only the viewers know what actions and words to watch out for. It was fun to see the reactions of the cast members who were constantly hit by water bombs without knowing what to do.

Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum on the legendary entertainment show “Dangerous Invitation”

On this day, Park Bo-gum was busy preparing for a water bomb that would fall anytime according to the words and actions of actress Kwon Na-ra in the first seat.

Meanwhile, when Kwon Na-ra re-arranged her hair, a large water bomb fell on Park Bo-gum’s head immediately.

Park Bo-gum Kwon Nara

Park Bo-gum must have been scared of the situation as he was shaking, and in an instant, he became a wet mouse.

Park Bo-gum Kwon Nara

What Park Bo-gum, who was hit by a water bomb, did to Kwon Na-ra 

Park Bo-gum, who was hit by a water bomb, immediately surprised the viewers by shouting, “She (Kwon Na-ra) touched her hair.”

Park Bo-gum Kwon Nara

Park Bo-gum then repeatedly said, “You touched your hair. Hair, hair,” and drew an X with his arms toward Kwon Na-ra.

Park Bo-gum Kwon Nara

He asked her not to touch her hair because he didn’t want to be hit by water bombs anymore. Park Bo-gum drew attention by maintaining his “handsome visual” despite the desperate transaction (?).

Park Bo-gum Kwon Nara

Other cast members at the scene burst into laughter at Park Bo-gum’s loud shouting, which is a rare sight.

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