Jang Won-young’s shocking skinny body recently is causing fans to worry

Fans are worried about IVE Jang Won-young’s physical condition as she keeps getting thinner.

Articles pointing out Jang Won-young’s skinny body recently and raising concerns are pouring out on online communities. Jang Won-young’s alarming physical condition is clearly revealed in performance videos during IVE’s promotion of “After LIKE”. Her forearms are extremely small and bony. Her waist has become thin enough to make her ribs visible.

Although Jang Won-young is originally very skinny, fans are still expressing their worries. Many people are afraid that the female idol may be losing too much weight as she has been so busy with tight schedules these days.

In particular, public concerns are growing over whether Jang Won-young’s thin body would become something that makes teenagers envious. It is due to the nature of her job as an idol, who has a great influence on young people. 

Meanwhile, Jang Won-young left for Paris this morning to attend Paris Fashion Week. 

Source: nate

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