The luckiest K-drama actress of 2022: to star alongside Hyun Bin, Lee Jun Ho, and other dashing actors

SNSD’s Yoona will pair with famous actors like Hyun Bin and Lee Jun Ho in her upcoming projects.

Yoona has long been known to be one of the top Korean beauties. Despite having been in the industry for ages, she never ceases to work hard and contribute the best to her craft. 


Now, Yoona is recognized for being an idol, model, and even actress, with a lot of successful works and awards. 

And 2022 seems to be yet another successful year for this idol-actress, who has already been confirmed to appear in 2 movies and 2 K-dramas. Even more jaw-dropping, her co-stars are full of handsome A-list actors, including Hyun Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jun Ho, and the newly-arisen Ahn Bo Hyun. It’s no exaggeration to say that Yoona is the luckiest Korean actress of this year. 

In July, Yoona will co-star with Lee Jong Suk in the law series “Big Mouse”, which will revolve around a thrilling murder case. Here, Lee Jong Suk will play lawyer Park Cha Ho, who stumbles into danger when he is mistaken for a genius conman. Meanwhile, Yoona will transform into Cha Ho’s wife Go Mi Ho – a nurse with a super strong personality. 

Yoona will also appear in the romance K-drama “King The Land” alongside 2PM’s Jun Ho. This will be an iconic reunion of two top-tier 2nd gen Kpop idols. 

In terms of cinematic works, Yoona has just finished filming for the sequel of “Confidential Assignment 2”. She is also working on the set with Ahn Bo Hyun for their upcoming work “2 O’Clock Date”

However, the idol’s packed filming schedule is not well-received by all netizens. According to them, Yoona should prioritize quality over quantity and focus on improving her acting skills.

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Yoona’s visuals are undeniable but I can’t say the same for her acting 
  • None of these have aired but I can already imagine the male leads carrying the entire thing…
  • Yoona has appeared in so many works but she’s still as stiff as broad. She is not fitted for acting. 

It’s still too early to tell if Yoona can overcome prejudices about acting idols. Hopefully, her upcoming works will be able to surprise the audience. 

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