Ha Yeon-soo responds intensely to malicious commenters targeting her on an online community for men, “Joining the AV world? I will sue you for real”

Actress Ha Yeon-soo (31 years old), who has recently been rumored to retire from the entertainment industry, angrily criticized malicious comments toward her.

Ha Yeon-soo posted a screenshot on her Instagram story on May 12th. The released photo show malicious comments toward Ha Yeon-soo posted by members of Naver Cafe [Diesel Mania], an online community for men. 

In the section for deleted comments, some netizens said, “She’s will join the AV (Adult Video) world… So dirty…”, “Seems like I’m gonna be sued again”, etc.


In response, Ha Yeon-soo publicly targeted a malicious commenter, saying, “Get a hold of yourself. If you still have a conscious mind, don’t mention my name in online cafes. I will sue you for real. I still keep the old PDF files. Even now, I can still do anything on my own”. The actress gave a warning, “Online communities for men like this are worthless and nothing important. I thought it was a waste of time to take screenshots and sue you guys, so I just didn’t do anything”.


Ha Yeon-soo strongly criticized malicious commenters, saying, “Do you really enjoy dividing and labeling people who are living well, studying well, and doing everything to buy a house? I don’t understand how people can say such things? Your parents didn’t teach you to respect others, right? I’m really worried about anyone who will date and marry men like you guys”.

Rumors of Ha Yeon-soo’s retirement from the entertainment industry recently broke out after the news of the expiry of her exclusive contract with Andmarq was announced on May 10th, followed by her profile on portal sites being deleted. 


In response to an acquaintance’s comment “Isn’t the retirement news created by reporters?”, Ha Yeon-soo commented, “As expected, only XX (the acquaintance’s name) understands it. Thank you”, indirectly explaining the rumors about her retirement.

Ha Yeon-soo began her acting career in earnest after appearing in the 2013 movie “Very Ordinary Couple”. She is currently studying in Japan.

Source: wikitree.co.kr

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