Top dancer Lee Jung of YGX picked BLACKPINK’s Lisa as her favorite artist. 

The YG choreographer Lee Jung, who appeared on “Street Woman Fighter”, recently named Lisa as her favorite artist. 

Famous Korean celebrities Rain, Lee Jung, Ravi, and Jung Ho Young appeared as special guests in the May 11th episode of talk show “Radio Star”.


In this episode, MC Kim Gura introduced Lee Jung as a choreographer under YG Entertainment, and asked if she worked with any great artists, to which Lee Jung listed TWICE, ITZY, Chung Ha, Sunmi, WINNER’s Mino, and (G)-IDLE. She also added that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was the funniest person she has ever worked with. 


Lisa is really good”, the dancer said. “I didn’t have to be considerate of her because she was excellent at everything. I worked so comfortably.” 


Lee Jung also shared a story about her departure from the famous hip-hop dance crew “Just Jerk”, saying:Just Jerk was in the midst of a surge, and its stock price was skyrocketing. In a way, it felt like leaving a large corporation, with everything guaranteed. However, I wanted to focus more on myself than on the team”. 

The dancer also added: “I left the crew at the age of 22, but that was both a brave and ignorant decision. My eyes were stinging at the time, and I kept asking myself what the hell am I doing without Just Jerk. However, you guys cheered me on so much that I was able to stand alone without feeling lonely. “


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