Is BLACKPINK’s concert really controversial? 

A reporter who went to BLACKPINK’s concert in person retold their experience 

Recently, videos about BLACKPINK’s “concert mess” have been floating online, where members do not dance in synchronization or make mistakes. However, according to a reporter who watched the concert in person, there are more to meet the eye than these viral videos. 

Blackpink Seoul concert

According to this reporter, YG Entertainment invited media officials from various outlets to the Seoul concert, which is the beginning of the girl group’s world tour, and boasted that this performance will show all the experiences, grandness, and presence BLACKPINK accumulated. As a result, it aroused a lot of curiosity. 

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Regarding their experience at BLACKPINK’s Seoul concert, the reporter wrote, “When I actually felt it with my eyes and ears, I had no choice but to acknowledge YG’s confidence. BLACKPINK’s hit songs, arranged with a live band sound, were much more intense than simply listening to the sound source, and it was a very impressive concert with the members’ skillful live performances and relaxed demeanor from their long-standing stage careers.”

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

“In fact, in addition to the controversial videos that have been floating around, you can find several stage videos that show the skillfulness of BLACKPINK members online,” they said, adding, “Nevertheless, it is unreasonable to downplay Blackpink’s concerts as if they were all below the standard based on only some scenes.”

Blackpink concert dallas

According to the reporter, concerts of domestic and foreign singers other than BLACKPINK also include moments where there are choreography mistakes, which is a common occurrence for a two-hour live performance. There are also cases where performers leave while singing, the reporter said, and that’s fine, since a concert is different from smooth and perfectly edited music show stages and music videos. At the concert, it is “living music” because singers breathe with the audience until the moment they make a mistake. 

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

Finally, the reporter concluded, “There is no reason why BLACKPINK cannot be criticized for being a world star. If there are some mistakes, you have to be honest, reflect on them, and correct them. However, excessive reprimand compared to mistakes is senseless criticism, with no constructive purpose. BLACKPINK has now become the undeniable representative Kpop girl group. If we, too, are encouraged by malicious accusations, we will end up getting a taste of our own medicine.”

Source: Daum

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