BigHit’s new boy group revealed a full 7-member lineup: Knet seem to be more disappointed than expected compared to BTS and TXT?

This is one of the most anticipated names among the boy groups that will debut in 2022.

2022 is predicted to witness an unprecedented fierce battle in the race to the female rookie awards when a series of potential girl groups of big companies have or are preparing to debut. On the same note, there are also many famous entertainment companies that have announced the plans to bring out new boy groups. One of the most notable rookies among these is the new boy group of BigHit Music, a junior of BTS and TXT.


BigHit’s new boy group project has been known by many Kpop fans in the past as Trainee A. Through the official YouTube channel, 6 members of Trainee A have been revealed in turn. And most recently, the 7th name has also been announced, thereby helping Trainee A confirm the full 7-member lineup before debut.

On January 20th, Jo Woo Chan, one of the six previously revealed members of Trainee A, celebrated his 18th birthday with the other members. This trainee then thanked his members for holding a surprise party at their practice room, and at the same time revealed the identity of Trainee A’s last member. Specifically, Jo Woo Chan wrote on Instagram, “I was surprised that all the members prepared this surprise party! To all the members who wished me a happy birthday, Sangwon-hyung, Leo-hyung, James, JJ, Jihoon, and Yorch-hyung who is finally revealed!! Thank you all so much!”


So after a while of waiting, fans finally know that the last member of Trainee A is Yorch. In fact, this guy was quite famous before being introduced in BigHit‘s new boy group lineup because he used to work in Thailand as an actor and a model. Yorch‘s full name is Yorch Yongsin Wongpanitnont and he was born on April 11th, 2002. He started promoting in the Thai entertainment industry when he was only 10 years old. And now at the age of 20, he decided to attempt a new role when preparing to debut in Korea.


Let’s review the 7 members of Trainee A, BigHit Music‘s next boy group project! Note: The ages of the members listed below are Korean ages.

Leo (21 years old)  Australia
Leo (21 years old) – Australia
Sangwon (20 years old)  Korea
Sangwon (20 years old) – Korea
James (18 years old)  Hong Kong / Mixed Chinese and Thai
James (18 years old) – Hong Kong / Mixed Chinese and Thai
Jihoon (16 years old)  Korea
Jihoon (16 years old) – Korea
JJ (17 years old)  Japan / Mixed Japanese and American
JJ (17 years old) – Japan / Mixed Japanese and American
Jo Woo Chan (18 years old)  Korea
Jo Woo Chan (18 years old) – Korea
Yorch (21 years old)  Thailand
Yorch (21 years old) – Thailand

With the previous success of BTS and TXT, the debut plan of Trainee A also received great expectations from the Korean audience. However, after all 7 members were revealed, the reaction of Korean netizens was not very positive for one important reason: there are more foreign than Korean members in the group. Many people expected BigHit to maintain the “all-Korean” tradition like in the case of BTS and TXT. However, the birth of Trainee A made them think that the company is putting emphasis on the international market. 

trainee a

– “TXT and ENHYPEN are much better”

– “I don’t think our country will go crazy for Southeast Asian or Western visuals like this ㅜㅜ But anyway, that’s just my personal opinion…”

– “Woo Chan-ie is quite handsome”

– “Now I’m starting to worry that someone in BigHit will get into the ‘One-China’ controversy.”

– “There are so many foreign members. This group hasn’t debuted yet but it’s funny that they already have a celebrity vibe ㅋㅋㅋ”

– “Wow but this group really has a HYBE vibe”

– “Jihoon looks like Jungkook”

– “Ha… Previously, when TXT revealed the members, I was immediately captivated, but there is no one in this group that makes me feel attracted… Maybe it’s because I’m too old?”

– “It feels like the company is just trying to step foot in the foreign markets… 4 out of 7 members are foreigners”

– “For me, this group is too ordinary, probably because there are too many foreign members”

– “What I like about Bangtan and TXT is that there are no foreign members, so it’s a bit of a pity when seeing this group. Maybe Big Hit finally wants to change?”

– “I thought the Korean member in the middle was Jungkook”

– “There are too many foreign members so I don’t care”

– “Most of them are foreigners. It feels like they will sing in English”

– “China… Um…”

– “After BTS, HYBE won’t create any more all-Korean groups”

– “China, Japan and Thailand…”

Meanwhile, BigHit‘s Trainee A is expected to debut in 2022 (the specific time is still unknown).

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