“Show Me The Money 6” Jo Woo-chan introduced as a trainee for new boy group under Big Hit Music

Rapper Jo Woo-chan, who participated in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 6”, appeared as an idol trainee under Big Hit Music.

On Jan 8th, a video showing Jo Woo-chan was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Trainee A, a pre-debut male training team under HYBE‘s label Big Hit Music. Jo Woo-chan, who is 18 years old this year, introduced himself as a member of Trainee A, saying, “If you’re watching this vlog, that means this is on Trainee A.”

Show Me The Money 6 Jo Woo-chan

Jo Woo-chan, who has been staying up all night working on the song for 4 days, expressed his burden, “I feel like I have to show you or prove something. So I kind of feel pressured to do well. Normally it’s not this difficult to write lyrics, but this time I don’t really know what to say.”

Show Me The Money 6 Jo Woo-chan

Jo Woo-chan explained that the reason why he had not been revealed as a Trainee A member was because he wanted to show a changed image. He said, “I’ve already been on a TV show so I wanted to show that I have grown. So I didn’t want to be revealed early.”

Show Me The Money 6 Jo Woo-chan

Finally, Jo Woo-chan shared, “Many think that rappers and idol singers are two different things. I was also confused about who I was. If there are those two different things, I want to be a global artist who can be both.”

Show Me The Money 6 Jo Woo-chan

Meanwhile, in addition to Jo Woo-chan, Trainee A also includes Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon and JJ. Big Hit Music designated Trainee A as a candidate for their debut in 2022 and started evaluating them, adding that their debut was not guaranteed.


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