How has the visuals of Seo Ye Ji, Suzy, and Seohyun changed after almost 10 years of acting

In the past decade, Seo Ye Ji, Suzy, and Seohyun have tried out various images in their acting projects. 

When it comes to Korean dramas and movies, people will immediately think of the gorgeous actors and actresses, and 3 of the hottest faces this summer are none other than Seo Ye Ji, Seohyun, and Suzy. 

The visuals of Seo Ye Ji, Seohyun, and Suzy, in “Eve”, “Jinxed At First”, and “Anna” are obviously outstanding, but what about in their previous works?

23 years old 

At the age of 23, Seo Ye Ji was a cast member of the hit sitcom series “Potato Star 2013QR3”, playing Noh Soo Young, the wild “young lady” of the Noh family. This is also Seo Ye Ji’s first appearance on the Korean small screen.

Meanwhile, at the time, Seohyun was just starting out her acting career. She made a brief appearance in the 2014 movie “My Brilliant Life”, which starred Song Hye Kyo, and also played a minor character in “Passionate Love”.

Compared to Seo Ye Ji and Seohyun, Suzy entered the acting world way earlier. When she was 23, Suzy already starred in 5 K-dramas, and appeared as cameos in 5 others, including the hit series “While You Were Sleeping”, “Dream High”, “Gu Family Book”, and “Uncontrollably Fond”.

24 years old 

In 2014, Seo Ye Ji joined the cast of the period drama “Diary of a Night Watchman”, where she got to work alongside the “historical prince” Jung Il Woo. At the same age, Seohyun made 2 other cameos in “The Producers” and “Warm And Cozy”. 

Meanwhile, for Suzy, the age of 24 was dedicated to music. During one year, the idol-actress released songs like “In Love With Someone Else”, “Holiday”, and dropped the MV “Midnight” that utilized piano instrumentals from Yiruma. 

25 years old 

Seo Ye Ji was extremely active at 25, having participated in 4 acting projects, including 2 movies “Circle of Atonement” and “The Throne”, as well as 2 series “Last” and “Super Daddy Yeol”. 

Meanwhile, after “The Producers”. Seohyun became the co-star of IU in “Moon Lovers” – the Korean adaptation of the famous Chinese series “Scarlet Heart”. She then appeared in the movie version of “So I Married An Anti-fan”, starring alongside EXO Chanyeol, Yuan Shanshan, and Jiang Chao.  

After a year of absence, Suzy made an impressive return with the action drama “Vagabond”, where she reunited with Lee Seung Gi and worked with Shin Sung Rok. Even now, viewers all around the world are still demanding for a second season. 

In the same year, Suzy also starred in the disaster thriller “Ashfall”, which featured A-list actors Ma Dong Seok and Lee Byung Hun. The movie later became a huge commercial successes, with box office sales amounting to 61.3 million USD, and production cost at only 17.7 million USD.

26  years old 

In 2016, Seo Ye Ji played a villain role in the K-drama series Hwarang, alongside famous actors Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik. In addition, she also made an appearance on the large screen as a minor character in “Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River”, starring along side Yoo Seung Ho and Xiumin.

Regarding Seohyun, 2017 was quite a special year, as the idol-actress earned her first leading role in the K-drama “Bad Thief, Good Thief”. Here, she transformed into the righteous police officer Kang So Joo, who despised power abuse and the skewed police system. 

Meanwhile, Suzy continued her success streak from “Vagabond”, and hit it big with the international favorite series “Start Up”. The actress found herself entangled in a love triangle with the dashing Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho, making for quite the visual feast/

27 years old 

In 2017, Seo Ye Ji collaborated with 2PM Ok Taecyeon in the thriller series “Save Me”, and also appeared in the romantic movie “Another Way”, which tells the tale of two suffering people who help each other heal.  

Meanwhile, Seohyun didn’t see much luck at 27 years old, as her K-drama “Time” recorded an average rating of 4.7%, but she was mistreated on the set. Her co-star, Kim Jung Hyun, treated the idol-actress coldly and eventually left the cast mid-way due to his mental health issues. 

For Suzy, age 27 was quiet with no acting project. Instead, he actress only appeared as the host of the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards.

28 years old 

At the age of 28, Seo Ye Ji continued to develop her acting career, this time starring alongside Lee Jun Ki in the K-drama “Lawless Lawyer”. Here, she plays the cunning lawyer Ha Jae Yi, who is always ready to fight for justice. 

Meanwhile, Suzy is now 28 and thriving with the web series “Anna”, where she plays the male lead Lee Yoo Mi who faked her entire life. However, her life is at the verge of crumbling down as the real “Anna” showed up and was ready to unveil her secret. 

29 years old 

After a year of absence, Seohyun starred as the female lead in 2 drama series “Private Lives” and “Hello Dracula” in 2020.

At the same age, Seo Ye Ji was more focused on the big screen, having starred in the thriller movie “Warning: Do Not Play” and the crime film “Quantum Physics”. Thanks to the latter work,  Seo Ye Ji managed to win the Popular Star Award at the 29th Buil Film Awards.

30 years old 

2021 was a memorable year for Seo Ye Ji, who exploded in fame after the success of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, where she starred alongside star actor Kim Soo Hyun. Playing the storybook writer Go Moon Young, Seo Ye Ji made a deep impression with her extensive range of emotions and spectacular fashion. 

31 years old 

After “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, Seo Ye Ji returned to the big screen via “Recalled”, which follows the female lead Soo Jin, who can see the future after a serious traffic accident. She then discovers dark secrets behind her seemingly kind and perfect husband. 

At the age of 31, Seohyun is juggling quite a number of projects, with the movies “Love and Leashes” and “Holy Night: Demon Hunters”, alongside the ongoing drama “Jinxed At First”. As of the moment, “Jinxed At First” is receiving lots of favorable reviews, and is even surpassing Seo Ye Ji’s revenge drama “Eve” in the rating war. 

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