SM Entertainment aims to create their own “metaverse” of contents

As a leading Kpop agency, SM holds a lot of ambitions, including one to create their own sphere of entertainment. 

SM Entertainment is undoubtedly one of the leading Kpop agencies, with various famous groups like NCT, SNSD, Red Velvet, EXO, Shinee, aespa, and many more under its sleeve. Now, SM has impressed the audience again with its plan to create something completely different compared to other competitors. 

In particular, at the World Cultural Industry Forum 2022 (WCIF 2022), the chairman of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man said: “Our core value and vision of the future entertainment world, called SM Metaverse or SM Culture Universe (SMCU), is a perspective we have prepared since long ago with the hope to turn Kpop and Hallyu into a permanently loved content, instead of just a wave. We are also developing an innovation called ‘Metaversal Origin Story’, which combines the real world and the virtual world with the plotlines behind SM artists.

Lee Soo Man also continued his speech about the SM Metaverse, saying: “With the combination of Blockchain and Metaverse, in our future entertainment world, contents of SM entertainment will become recyclable ones where everyone can create and connect via an open space that transcends space, time, and culture. The value of killer contents and original contents created by me and SM in the Metaverse will be maximized with the joined creativity of Kpop fans and prosumers from every corner of the world.” 

He also added: “For the Metaverse to become a space where everyone can enjoy creative activities, I’d like to introduce the term ‘P2C’ (Play2Create), a new vision for the content creative industry of the future, including music, videography, design, or game. At the same time, we’d like to expand Culture Technology to prompt innovation and build a new P2C ecosystem, where creativity can lead to economic transactions.” 

The SM president then explained: “The final vision of Kpop and Hallyu is to contribute to “the creative ability” – which is the highest gift bestowed by God to humans, via the metaverse. Here, everyone can enjoy the fun of creating, and SM original contents can be reused by prosumers, who then create newer contents from them. The metaverse will lay the foundation for various ariest, creatives, and future prosumers, who work hard to achieve their creative dreams.” 

In addition, I hope that this will be considered a legacy that will contribute to mankind’s culture and peace. Now is the time for innovation, and I hope that everyone of you will participate in creative activities, and will receive the spirit and humanity of SM, along with the joy of creating. In the near future, I and SM Entertainment will be preparing for the future of the entertainment world, and head forwards as pioneers for this new vision”, he concluded. 

As SM pushes forward to actualize its ambitions, fans are looking forward to the new contents they will be getting from SM artists. 

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