Interesting coincidences in Rosé’s journey to becoming an ambassador

Take a look back at the amazing journey of BLACKPINK Rose

Besides being successful in the music industry, Rosé is also a popular name in many other fields.  Step by step affirming her position in the entertainment world, Rosé has become a global star sought after by many famous brands.  Looking back at the journey she has gone through, many people are surprised because there are many coincidences.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s journey to become ambassadors of many brands attracts attention.

In 2017, Rosé was spotted shopping at a Homeplus supermarket. The female idol at that time wore a simple outfit and stood at the checkout counter. Five years later, on February 14, 2022, the “Australian rose” officially became a model for Homeplus’s 25th anniversary campaign.

In particular, Homeplus is a chain of discount retail stores with 840 branches and 25,000 employees across Korea. Homeplus is the second largest retailer in the country, behind only the e-mart chain of Shinsegae Group. Rosé has had a long journey from an ordinary girl to the model face of this brand. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé was spotted at a Homeplus supermarket in 2017
Five years later, Rosé became a model for the supermarket’s 25th anniversary.

Recently, the moment BLACKPINK’s Rosé put on makeup at the airport in 2018 was recently also dug up by fans.  At that time, the female idol used a cushion from the YSL Beauty brand. This small action at that time was considered normal, but it was like predicting her future.

At that time, Rosé and Jisoo were oriented by YG to become a fashion duo. The female idol still has not had much contact with Saint Laurent back then. However, 3 years later, Rosé became the ambassador for the cushion brand of YSL Beauty. The female was then holding the cushion box in her hand with a new role as the Global Ambassador of YSL.

blackpink rosé
Rosé becomes Saint Laurent’s Global Ambassador. 

Becoming the Global Ambassador of Saint Laurent, the female idol is pampered by the fashion house with chances of appearing on famous fashion magazine covers and participating in many fashion events. Not only cushion, but Rosé is also a familiar face in a series of campaigns to introduce new products of this brand like perfumes, lipsticks…

Pre-Oscar Party
The female idol has appeared in many YSL advertising campaigns.
The female idol constantly appeared on the cover of famous fashion magazines in YSL’s outfits. 

In 2021, Rosé had her first collaboration with the prestigious international fashion brand Tiffany & Co. and became the apple in the fashion house’s eyes. Possessing a luxurious, gorgeous appearance that completely matches the beauty standards of Tiffany & Co. The female idol has many times worn luxurious sets of jewelry from Tiffany & Co. on the covers of major fashion magazines like W, Vogue, Elle…

Rose Blackpink
Rosé exudes a luxurious vibe in Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry.
Rose Blackpink
The sets of jewelry that the female idol wore often sold out quickly. 

Coincidentally, when Rosé was in 7th grade, her mother gave her a pair of Tiffany & Co earrings. Worth mentioning, this is the first set of jewelry Rosé owns. The female idol said that Tiffany & Co jewelry has always been her favorite and was extremely excited when receiving this gift from her mother. No one expected that 12 years later, Rosé has really become a global ambassador who is favored by the luxury fashion brand.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s mother gifted her a jewelry set from Tiffany & Co. 
Rose Blackpink
The female idol at the Tiffany & Co’s event. 

Rosé’s journey to becoming a bright ambassador of the two high-end fashion brands was not easy. The female idol has worked her best to make herself better and more outstanding. Perhaps, she herself did not expect that she would be able to be as successful as she is now.

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