Why do luxury jewelry brands constantly invite Black Pink as ambassadors?

In recent years, Black Pink has made great strides in the advertising industry.  Not only turn to become ambassadors for the most luxury fashion brands, but the YG girls also bring in expensive contracts with top luxury jewelry brands.

Last July, Lisa was officially appointed as the new ambassador for Bvlgari – an Italian luxury jewelry brand.  It describes Lisa as “a bold fashion icon”.  Bvlgari representatives revealed that they chose Lisa to represent the brand because of her modern and trendy image.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo collaborated with Cartier on the digital project Pasha de Cartier last September.  In the announcement of Ji Soo’s new role, Elle Korea wrote that she has confident eyes, beautiful lines, and charisma that overwhelms others.

Recently, Rosé continues to be the latest global ambassador of Tiffany & Co – a luxury jewelry brand.  This brand explained that they chose Rosé because of her bold, unique, modern style. Her vibe is in line with Tiffany’s identity.

However, that is not all why Black Pink has become the top choice of brands.  The great attraction of YG idols on social networks is said to be the main reason for them to “catch the eye” of the fashion houses, helping the names of these luxury brands become more popular.

In a recent report, NetBase Quid revealed that Cartier and Bvlgari are now at the top of jewelry brands.  Specifically, the US company analyzed the media index of 69 leading luxury brands in the world, including 10 jewelry brands, from January 1 to December 31, 2020.

Accordingly, Bvlgari was the most powerful luxury jewelry brand on social networks last year with 2.05 million mentions, reaching 20.06 billion impressions.  Meanwhile, Cartier came second on the list with 2.03 million mentions and 17.8 billion impressions. The numbers of Bvlgari and Cartier both outperform the rest of the luxury brands.  Even a top brand like Piaget got only 165,000 mentions.  Notably, among these brands’ social media impressions, most of them are tagged with hashtags #lisa, #jisoo and #blackpink.

NetBase Quid believes that the success of these labels is due to their partnerships with Black Pink members.

According to NetBase Quid, last year Tiffany & Co only got 430,000 impressions. After the coroperation with Rosé, the hashtag about the company quickly spread on social networks platforms such as Twitter, Instagram.  The fashionistas believe Rosé will help the brand create a boost in communication, just as Bvlgari with Lisa and Cartier with Jisoo have done.

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