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The final four crews of “Street Man Fighter” shared their thoughts on the show’s plagiarism  and evaluation controversy

The leaders and members of the 4 crews who advanced to the final of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” gathered to look back on their journey on the show.

An online press conference was held at 11 a.m. on Nov 11th to commemorate the end of “Street Man Fighter,” attended by Bank Two Brothers J-ROC and Busybe, Mbitious Wootae, We Dem Boyz Vata and Ingyoo, Just Jerk Young J and J-Ho. Mbitious 5000 was absent due to health reasons.

Just Jerk was crowned as the final winner of “Street Man Fighter,” which ended on Nov 8th, with We Dem Boyz coming in second, Mbitious third, and Bank Two Brothers fourth.

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During the press conference, the controversy over the qualifications of the judges, which followed throughout the show, was mentioned. Young J said, “We had also received the Judges’ lowest score before. We were very resentful and disappointed, but we were able to move the Judges’ hearts by impressing them with our stage after that,” he said.

“The Judges did their best. It’s not easy to evaluate the dancers, and I could fully relate to how much their feelings must have suffered,” he said. “In other battles as well, if the judges say no, then it’s a no. The dancers seem to have humbled themselves and received the result as it is. I think I can understand everything now, regardless of the good and bad memories,” he said honestly.

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On the other hand, Vata was in trouble over allegations that he plagiarized another choreography to make his choreography for Zico’s “New Things,” which was a class mission song. Vata refrained from talking too much about this controversy, saying, “I think the connectivity and intentions of the choreographies and movements currently being compared are completely different. There is something I have revealed earlier, so I hope you refer to it.” However, he added, “I am not comfortable with the controversy. I did try my best to show a better performance.”

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