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Just Jerk became the final winner of “Street Man Fighter”, proving their name as a world-class dance crew

World-class crew Just Jerk placed No.1 in the final ranking and won Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”.

The final episode of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” was aired on November 8th. Baek Gu Young, leader of 1MILLION, the team that was eliminated in the semi-final, shared, “I’ve been doing this job for 20 years, and I’d always end up making someone else dance. It’s good to be on the stage as a dancer”, revealing the reason he joined the program. Just Jerk’s dancer Young J, one of the world’s best street dancers, shared, “I have nothing more to achieve in our career. Taking on a new challenge was really important”. 

Just jerk Street Man Fighter

The final stage with two missions was then carried out. 

Bank Two Brothers presented a hip-hop stage, which is known as their strength. Judge Woo Young praised, “I think Bank Two Brothers really stand out. ‘We don’t need to overdo anything, we just show the thing we have as it is and we’re happy about that’. It was a really good performance”.

Street Man Fighter

In the case of Mbitious, each member tried to become Mbitious once again with their desperate dream and the support of “Street Man Fighter”. Mbitious shed tears as soon as he saw the video of their families cheering for them. Wootae’s younger sister smiled and said, “Hi. Since I’m far away, I’ll send you a supportive video. I’m proud of you”. Ocheon, who was soothing Wootae, burst into tears as soon as a video of his mother calling him “Seung Hoon ah (Ocheon’s real name)” was shown. 

Street Man Fighter

JustJerk’s last stage was truly dazzling and made everyone’s mouth wide open. Woo-young said, “I’m afraid my words will break emotions. Sorry I can’t say anything right now. It was so cool.”

BoA confessed, “Come to think of it, we always watched JustJerk’s performances through videos. Today is the first time we’ve seen them perform in person since the early battle rounds and rank missions. As expected, JustJerk was so cool.”

Just jerk Street Man Fighter

After that, they had time to reconstruct the stage representing each team through the final special mega stage. The live text voting ended and the rankings were announced. No.4 BankTwoBrothers and No.3 MBitious were introduced, respectively. The final first place announcement was made by Honey J, leader of Street Woman Fighter’s winning team HolyBang.

No.1 and No.2 were 48,047 votes apart, and JustJerk took first place. JustJerk’s live text votes exceeded 90,000. Young J shared his thoughts, “I’m trying not to cry. I’m grateful that our rival is WeDemBoyz. WeDemBoyz will be the next generation. We’ll always exist as a team. Thanks to our fans, we won the trophy.”

Just jerk Street Man Fighter

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