“In the end…” Rumors of a romantic relationship with Jennie and V, a new video was suddenly released

A new leaked video on Twitter re-ignited dating rumors between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V. 

On the 16th, a video of the staff laughing at the camera while someone taking a picture of V getting his hair trimmed was posted on Twitter.

The background of the video is the same as the photo leaked by the hacker, saying it was taken at a hair shop on the day Jennie and V’s dating rumors came out in August.

Earlier, rumors of a romantic relationship between Jennie and V were raised as photos of witnesses have been posted since May. Some point out that if the men and women in the leaked photos are Jennie and V, the two are victims of serious hacking. 

There is also an opinion that the photo leaked by the hacker itself is made up. Netizens claimed that the hacker behind Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram hacking case photoshopped the photos of Jennie and V together. The composition of the distributed photo and the photos posted on Instagram were also compared for legitimacy.

Meanwhile, the idols’ respective agencies have not expressed any position regarding the romantic relationship.

Source: wikitree

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