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“Street Man Fighter” Vata responded “It’s totally different” after “New Thing” choreography is accused of plagiarism

Dance crew We Dem Boyz’s leader Vata has denied all plagiarism allegations of the choreography of “New Thing.”

Vata left a statement regarding the accusation that he plagiarized ATEEZ‘s choreography on his Instagram on Oct 14th, saying, “I post this to avoid further misunderstanding,” adding, “The connection and intention of the currently compared choreographies are completely different.”


Recently, Vata has been embroiled in a plagiarism controversy over the choreography of the Leader class’ mission song “New Thing” created by Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”. Many pointed out that the movement of dragging feet as if riding a motorcycle in “New Thing” is similar to ATEEZ’s “Say My Name” choreography.

On top of that, dancer Anze Skrube, who created the choreography for “Say My Name,” fixed the choreography draft video released in January 2019 on his Instagram feed on Oct 10th and said, “I know Vata and ATEEZ San are friends. Friends shouldn’t do this. I want you to apologize to ATEEZ,” insisting that this is plagiarism.

“When I first heard the music, I thought of the wilderness, and I thought of intuitively expressing someone riding on a motorcycle or a horse to create the intro choreography,” Vata explained, “That’s why there is a motion of igniting the engine in the start, a big kick of the lower body, and get off after driving.”

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Rather, Vaata expressed his regret for seeing this suspicions of plagiarism being raised. “As a person who loves the culture of dance, I think it’s cool that artists and choreographers respect each other. But I’m very sorry that it doesn’t seem like it,” he said.

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“I’m sorry to the ‘Street Man Fighter’ viewers and everyone who supports We Dem Boyz for the controversy itself, regardless of the reason,” Vata said. “I’ll pay off this debt with better performances.”

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