“The Glory” Cha Joo Young Shines with Sensual Elegance: A Black Swan in the Spotlight

Cha Joo Young showed off her elegant figure.

On May 15th, Cha Joo Young posted several photos and videos on Instagram, captioning them “Bride of Darkness.”

In the released photos, Cha Joo Young is seen preparing for a shoot. In particular, Cha Joo Young’s elegant and sensual visual stands out as she wears a black off-shoulder dress with a crown.

cha joo young

Cha Joo Young, who was the center of the “Flight Attendant Hye Jeong” meme through the drama “The Glory,” is now overwhelming the gaze with a charismatic figure, completely erasing the image of her previous role.

cha joo young

Cha Joo Young received much love for her role as Choi Hye Jeong in the Netflix series “The Glory.” She is currently appearing in the KBS2 weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” and positively considering an appearance in tvN’s historical drama “Wonkyung.”

Source: Nate

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