This actor was forcefully removed from a KBS drama, “Is it because I’m ugly?”

A Korean actor recently expressed his position on being forcefully removed from a KBS weekend drama, 2 months after casting. 

On May 16th, actor Heo Jung Min posted a long message on his Instagram, saying, “I prepared for two months. But the writer doesn’t like actor Heo Jung Min. I didn’t even get to see their face, why..”

Heo Jung Min then expressed his anger, saying, “Is it because I’m ugly? Is it because I’m rude? Can’t I act? What about my two-month preparation period and the days to come?”

heo jung min

He also added, “I tried to hold back, but I’m speaking out. The world has changed. KBS weekend drama ‘Hyo Sim’s Independent Life’, have fun. Don’t tell me to shut up. I have no more interest in this industry, old-timers.”

The drama mentioned by Heo Jung Min, which is set to be aired after “The Real Has Come!”, revolves around female lead Hyo Sim, who has sacrificed her life for her family, starting to value herself and trying to live an independent life.

The drama is directed by Cho Jung Sun, the hitmaker of KBS weekend dramas such as “My Too Perfect Sons” and “Mother of Mine”, as well as Kim Hyung-Il, the director of “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won”. At the same time, it has been a topic of discussion as a work in which actress Uee returns to the KBS weekend drama scene after four years.

heo jung min

Heo Jung Min’s comments have been spreading through various SNS and online communities, and Heo Jung Min soon also posted a picture of a teary-eyed animal on his Instagram story, writing, “I am a coward.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, the team behind “Hyo Sim’s Independent Life” responded to Heo Jung Min’s claims, saying, “It’s true that director Kim Hyung Il and actor Heo Jung Min had a meeting at the end of March. However, after further discussion by the production team, it was concluded that the image of the actor did not match the character in the drama”, adding, “The writer was not involved in the casting at all, and we regret the actor’s claims.”

Meanwhile, Heo Jung Min has played supporting roles in various works such as “Another Miss Oh”, “Go Back Couple”, and “100 Days My Prince”.

Source: Insight

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