“The Good Bad Mother” evil villain with a friendly smile is depicted by a sought-after actor, who made a drastic physical transformation in only two months

The actor behind the villain on “The Good Bad Mother” is a staple in Korean movie and drama scenes.

The Good Bad Mother” is marketed as a healing drama. Yet, up to this point, it has fleshed out a pretty diverse line of antagonists. A major character that creates a domino effect of endless tragedy and piling grudge in the drama is Song Woo Byeok (Choi Moo Sung). In the past, he was a rascal who killed Kang Ho’s (Lee Do Hyun) father because he and his mother did not give up the pig farm to make way for the Olympics running track. When Kang Ho grew up, he worked under Song Woo Byeok, the person behind his father’s death. To make it easy for him to get married to Oh Tae Soo’s daughter, Kang Ho cut off ties with his mother and became Woo Byeok’s adopted son. He did plenty of dirty work for him.

Choi Moo Sung is the actor behind Song Woo Byeok. He is, by no means, a stranger to the Korean audience. In the first episode, viewers got the chance to see him reunite with Ra Mi Ran, who were two parents in the family, romantic comedy-drama “Reply 1988”. However, for this comeback, they are on two opposing sides.


Choi Moo Sung was born in 1968 and is a sought-after supporting actor after his movie debut in 2002 with “Birth of Man” at the age of 34. Three years later, he appeared in “Tale of Cinema” and continued making appearances frequently in three movie projects each year. The same goes for his drama activities. From 2011 onward, he became more active in acting and was getting more recognition. “The Princess’ Man”, “Mr, Sunshine” and “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” are some of his notable appearances. “Reply 1988” and “Prison Playbook” are two major highlights in Choi Moo Sung’s filmography. They take viewers on a different healing journey, much like “The Good Bad Mother”.

Choi Moo Sung in “Reply 1988”
Choi Moo Sung in “Prison Playbook”

 Weight is also relevant in actor Choi’s 20 years of work in the filming industry. In an interview last year, the actor revealed he dropped 20 kilograms in 2 months and maintained regimented training due to health reasons: “By the time I was in my mid-50s, my abdominal obesity was so great that it was difficult to wear socks. Now I’ve lost a lot of belly fat. I used to wear clothes with a 38-sized waist, but now I can comfortably wear 34”, adding, “I have a jawline that I didn’t have before”. 

Moreover, he added, “I took my blood pressure medication like I normally do without thinking and I was surprised when my blood pressure suddenly dropped. When I went to the hospital, I was told that my blood pressure had stabilized a lot…”.

The actor seems to have stopped his weight loss and frequently appears with a healthy appearance.

Choi Moo Sung before and after weight loss

Source: JTBC, hancinema

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