IU fan club in a emergency situation since its establishment 

IU’s official fan club membership count has been revealed and is gathering attention.

On May 15th, IU confessed during a birthday voice live that the number of Uaena 6th generation members is approximately 74,600.


Previously, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, stated through the official fan cafe in March, “The recently recruited Uaena 6th generation has recruited the highest number of members since the establishment of the fan club. In order to repay them, we are planning various big and small events for Uaena 6th generation members.

IU’s official fan club Uaena 6th generation recruited members from February 13th to 26th. Membership fees are required, and benefits such as membership kits, concert and fan meeting pre-sales are provided upon joining.


IU first recruited her official fan club in 2017. The initial Uaena 1st generation had approximately 10,000 members.

As the size gradually grew, the number of Uaena 4th generation members exceeded 50,000 in 2020, proving IU’s popularity.

The number of Uaena 6th generation members this time once again set a new record. 


The biggest reason for joining the paid fan club is to obtain exclusive concert pre-sale benefits. However, with the number of paid fan club members exceeding 74,600, the competition for pre-sales seems challenging.

Fans left comments, “Now I might not be able to get a seat for the pre-sale”, “The number of paid fan club members for a female solo artist is 74,600”, “Now the pre-sale will be sold out”, “This is a big problem. I need a seat for the concert”, “Even for the pre-sale, I have to worry about not being able to attend”, “I can’t even dream of general ticket sales”.

Source: wikitree

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