“Prospective dad” Hyun Bin, a friendly two-shot with his one-time “rival”… It’s dazzling

Actor Daniel Henney released a two-shot taken with Hyun Bin.

Daniel Henney recently posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption “Thank you for 5 million!! #Confidential Assignment”.

The released photo showed Daniel Henney in a black suit and Hyun Bin in a white shirt and a neat suit, drawing attention.

Like officially recognized handsome stars, both of them boasted superior proportions with their tall stature, broad shoulders and long legs.

Besides, another photo showed Daniel Henney and Yoo Hae-jin putting their arms around each other’s shoulders. Yoo Hae-jin was staring at the camera while wearing a hip T-shirt and a hat. Their bright smiles attracted attention.

Daniel Henney and Hyun Bin worked together in the 2005 drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” in 2005 and led the “Sam Soon Syndrome” together. In “Confidential Assignment 2: International“, which marked their reunion after 17 years, they added fun to the work by creating a complicated relationship with Yoona in between.

The movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” surpassed 5 million viewers in 16 days since its release, and is on a long-term march at the top of the box office.

Source: naver

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