Favorite K-pop idols of “Squid Game” star Jung Ho Yeon: Not BTS or BLACKPINK but these 2nd gen groups

Jung Ho Yeon – the breakout star of “Squid Game” said she is a big Kpop fan. But unlike most people today, her favorite group is not BTS or BLACKPINK. 


Global boy band BTS is famous as a symbol of Kpop in the international music market. They are a Kpop group that has a strong influence in Asia, Europe and America. BTS is Korea’s pride and the most powerful Kpop group at the moment. 

Along with the significant impact of Kpop, Korean cinema and television have also achieved resounding success, reaching far beyond the Korean border to resonate around the world. After “Parasite” made history by winning Best Picture at the 2020 Academy Awards, in 2021, the TV series “Squid Game” became a massive hit globally.

lee jungjae jung hoyeon

The cast of “Squid Game” have also become global superstars. After getting many nominations at the Golden Globe, on February 28, “Squid Game” bagged 3 historic wins at the 28th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Specifically, Lee Jung Jae won Best Actor and Jung Ho Yeon won Best Actress in a drama series. 

Later, in an interview with a British magazine, Jung Ho Yeon talked about her role in “Squid Game“, opened up about her views on life, and how being born and brought up in Seoul has impacted her life.

Jung Ho Yeon said, “I grew up in Seoul. When you grow up in Korea, I think you must be a huge fan of Kpop.”

When being asked to choose her 3 most favorite Kpop groups, Jung Ho Yeon said, “I’m a huge fan of 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, and BIGBANG. I’ve been a huge fan of these groups since childhood.”

Also in the interview, Jung Ho Yeon shared her thoughts on her beauty, “I feel glamorous when I take my makeup off. When my schedule’s done, I remove my whole makeup and like, glam, you know. I feel so free after I finish everything for the day. That’s when I feel like the most glamorous person in the world. That’s just because I can be me.”

Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon started out as a model. She shot to fame as an actress after her debut role in “Squid Game“. The biggest lesson Jung Ho Yeon learned from her character in the series is regarding love. She said, “The power of love. I learned that from my character in Squid Game. The whole journey of Squid Game makes me realize how important love is to the universe.”

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