K-netizens Wonder If EXO Baekhyun’s girlfriend really a conglomerate?

A netizen shared their thoughts through a post titled “Is EXO Baekhyun’s girlfriend really a conglomerate?”.

This person wrote, “Wow, your life is fun. I envy you. Your life is even better now that you established your own company.


The Pann article regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 45,000 views as of the evening of Sep 2nd.

– You’re writing comments by yourself again… It hasn’t even been a month since SM said they’d sue without leniency~~

– But isn’t it better if his girlfriend is a conglomerate? It’s much better than an influencer.

– It’s starting again lol

– It seems that Baekhyun fans also hope that that person (the original poster) isn’t a Baekhyun fan.

– Wow, that Baekhyun fan really gives me goosebumps. Like a psychopath.

Source: Pann

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