The story of IU “being teased by other singers and producers” is drawing keen attention from Korean netizens

Moments that prove singer IU is loved by many people because of her true image.


On March 11th, an article titled, “I don’t know why other singers and PDs keep doing this to IU”, was posted online and spread rapidly. This seems to have been resulted from the behind-the-scenes story of Jay Park’s new song “GANADARA”, which was released in the afternoon on the same day.

In an interview with various media outlets earlier, Jay Park mentioned IU’s “ad-lib” as his most memorable story during the album’s recording and preparation. He said, “IU and I made an ad-lib in the second part of the song. IU’s “real laughter” during my singing part was an ad-lib. The sound of her laughter was recorded unexpectedly, but I had a good feeling of it so I just kept it in the song that way”

In fact, by keeping IU’s laughter that followed by the part when she said, “Oh really”, a natural ad-lib was completed. 

IU’s natural voice with her true feelings was not included only in Jay Park’s song. God’s “Sing for me”, which was released in 2014, also contained the playful voice of IU, who featured in the song.

The same thing happened to IU’s dramas. During the filming of tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna”, IU laughed while matching her lines with Yeo Jin-goo. This scene made headlines as it was not edited out after the NG processing, but was even used for the official broadcast.

In the older drama KBS2’s “Lee Soon-sin is the best”, the scene in which IU burst out laughing in a natural atmosphere with Jo Jung-suk was kept and broadcast officially. 

In CF shooting also, the director was satisfied with IU’s natural moments more than the directed scene. Appearing as the main character in the advertisement for Kyungdong Parmaceutical, the singer lost her balance and collapsed while stretching, drawing laughter from the staff. Because of IU’s cuteness, this scene was not marked as NG but was used for actual broadcast.

The OP (original poster) who collected these scenes in an online community post jokingly said, “Unintentionally, NG scenes continue to be used for official broadcasts. Why do people keep on teasing IU?”

Internet users poured out enthusiastic reactions, such as “I can understand why. Because she’s so cute”, “She’s so cute. That’s why”, “IU is so lovely”, “How can they not use this”?”, “Lee Ji-eun is so precious, no matter what she does”, “I also want to tease her”, “The advertisement even contains the staff members’ laughter”, “So lovely”, etc.

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