V (BTS) is the most successful “fanboy” at the Grammy 2022: Took a photo and got a kiss from his idol Lady Gaga

The lovely interaction between V (BTS) and Lady Gaga is attracting the public’s attention.

On April 4th, the Grammy Awards 2022 officially took place in front of the expectations of the worldwide fan community.  Every performance and interaction in the biggest awards ceremony on the planet has been gossiped about by the fans, including the moment V (BTS) took a photo with “pop queen” Lady Gaga.

BTS V Lady Gaga
The photo went viral between BTS members and Lady Gaga.
BTS V Lady Gaga
V also had a lovely interaction with the Queen of Pop.

 Recently, on social networks, a close-up video of the moment the male idol came to say hello and ask to take a photo with Lady Gaga. Through this video, you can see the extremely polite behavior of the BTS member with a world-class artist like Lady Gaga.

A close-up video of V coming to ask for a photo with Lady Gaga.
BTS V Lady Gaga

Not only that, on the Vlive of the group after the Grammy Awards, he had an extremely lovely time sharing with BTS members about the interaction with Lady Gaga. The male idol confessed that he is a fan of Lady Gaga, so when he met her at the 2022 Grammy, he wanted to come say hello and asked to take pictures with her.

V is definitely the most successful fanboy ever because not only can he take pictures with his idol but he also gets an extremely intimate kiss on the cheek from the idol.

V confesses to being a fan of Lady Gaga with BTS members.
BTS V Lady Gaga
He’s definitely the most successful fanboy because he’s also kissed on the cheek by his idol.

 Some netizens’ comments:

  • This fanboy is so satisfied! Seeing V acts like that is both docile and cute.
  • This is so cute!  The interaction between the two is extremely adorable!
  • Such a quality fanboy. V is extremely polite to his seniors.
  • He’s such a good boy!  One of my favorite moments at this year’s Grammys.
  •  What a king of diplomacy. So cute!
BTS V Lady Gaga
The interaction of the two artists is still attracting a lot of discussion from fans.
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