The reason why a popular swimmer, who was doing so well, debuted as an actor

Actor So Ji-sub used to be a swimmer, and he was good at it.

So Ji-sub is 183cm tall and has strong shoulders as he used to be a professional swimmer. Thanks to those shoulders, no one can look as cool as him when in a suit.

So Ji-sub has been active as a swimming and water polo athlete since childhood. He even won the national sports competition in the breaststroke category and showed off his outstanding skills as a former member of the national standing army.

Perhaps he could have become a national athlete if he kept swimming, but fate seems to have led him to the path of an actor.

He needed money to become a swimmer, so he started modeling to make money, and he eventually gave up swimming and started working as a model.

So Ji-sub made his debut as a model and actor by appearing in a small role after visiting the set of the sitcom “Three Guys and Three Girls”, starring Song Seung-hun, whom he is close to. 

Since then, So Ji-sub has become a top actor by turning every drama he starred in into a classic hit, such as “Something Happened in Bali” and “I’m Sorry, I Love You”. 

So Ji-sub has been mainly in charge of cool and righteous characters in various works for a long time. In the first part of the recently released movie “Alienoid”, he shows a new image by playing detective Moon Do-seok, who has both good and bad sides. 

Source: daum

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