Lee Hyori Makes a Comeback as a Commercial Model after 11 Years 

Lee Hyori has finally returned to advertising and this is the 1st brand she chose

In 2012, Lee Hyori declared that she would not film advertisements with a commercial intent, but in July of last year, she announced her return as a commercial advertising model. As a result, she became a hot topic in various industries, including finance, beauty, and travel, with various offers sent to Lee Hyori through her Instagram comments.

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The reason Lee Hyori declared her retirement from commercial advertising was because she felt a moral burden about promoting products as a model that didn’t align with her values, such as her environmental activism, vegetarianism, and protection of organic dogs, and that she didn’t actually use.

In fact, Lee Hyori explained the reason for quitting commercial ad shoots in a YouTube channel appearance last month. She said, “I didn’t lose weight by eating that, and I didn’t become beautiful by using that cosmetics. Shouldn’t I say it like that?” 

That’s why Lee Hyori’s return to advertising is drawing much attention. It’s been 11 years since she worked as an advertising model, so there is a high possibility that she filmed advertisements for products that align with her values and that she actually uses.

lee hyori

The first brand that Lee Hyori chose from among the many offers from companies is the premium vegan inner beauty brand Veganery, launched by D’alba. Veganery offers sustainable 4th generation vegan collagen jelly to realize environmental and animal protection values in all aspects of life.

Lee Hyori’s teaser image from the photoshoot has been revealed on Cosmopolitan’s official Instagram today (Oct 3rd). Her stunning body, achieved through a vegan diet and regular yoga, is capturing attention. 

Cosmopolitan is planning to release the official photoshoot on October 10th, and the product that Lee Hyori is holding on the set is believed to be Veganery by D’alba’s vegan collagen jelly. As Lee Hyori starts her commercial advertising model activities after 11 years with this photoshoot, public expectations are high. 

Source: wikitree

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