Korean and International Netizens Dissed IVE’s “Messy” Choreography for “Heya”

The choreography for IVE’s latest title track, “Heya”, is drawing negative comments from both Korean and international netizens. 

On May 2, a topic about the choreography for IVE’s latest track, “Heya”, was published on the Korena forum “theqoo”. In mere hours, the topic has attracted almost 50,000 views and over 500 comments. 

Particularly, the topic attached a post from an international fan expressing their distress at IVE’s “Heya” choreography. Under the attached post, various other international fans also showed their frustration, calling the choreography “messy”, “unsync”, “dulling”, and “underwhelming”, among others. 

Korean netizens have so far agreed with such sentiments, leaving their own load of scathing comments under the “theqoo” topic. 

Below are several comments from Korean netizens: 

  • The choreography this time is really bad. It’s good that they added Korean elements, but the movement line is messy and there are too many empty sections..
  • It looks a bit messy and the movements don’t match the beat of the song.
  • The choreography makes it look like the members are not good at dancing…
  • IVE has never been a group that danced well, so…
  • There are some parts where the choreography is good, but overall there are too many gaps.

Source: theqoo

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