Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun suspected of dating while filming new drama

Behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook and his new co-star, Shin Hye Sun, cause dating rumors to emerge. 

Ji Chang Wook has been hailed as a shining gem of the Korean small screen, thanks to his charming appearance and natural acting. However, after the two projects “The Sound of Magic” and “If You Wish Upon Me”, which did not gain much attention, Ji Chang Wook is under a lot of pressure for his next work. 

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Now, the actor is filming for the JTBC drama “Welcome to Samdalri”, where he will star alongside actress Shin Hye Sun. Notably, the couple has recently caused a sensation with behind-the-scenes images, where they look extremely affectionate. 

In the circulating footage, Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun were wearing identical outfits while filming for “Welcome to Samdalri”, which is set in Jeju Island. Here, the couple captivates viewers with their natural interaction, which resembles a couple deeply in love. Particularly, even just from looking at their photos, one can sense the excellent chemistry between the two.

ji chang wook
Sweet behind-the-scenes moments of Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun while filming their new drama.

As a result, these behind-the-scenes moments of Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun have garnered significant attention from netizens. Many compliments were directed towards their fresh appearance and positive state. Additionally, there are high expectations for the comeback performances of these talented actors.

Alongside this, some even started to suspect Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun of having developed into lovers, given their super natural interactions. 

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The K-drama “Welcome to Samdalri.”

On the other hand, “Welcome to Samdalri” revolves around the lives of a weather forecaster in Jeju (Ji Chang Wook) and a famous photographer (Shin Hye Sun). The couple, who were once at the peak of their fame, suddenly encounter a significant setback. The drama follows their journey of struggle and depicts their beautiful love story.

The drama is scheduled to air in the latter half of this year on JTBC and various streaming platforms. Detailed broadcast schedules have yet to be announced by the production team.

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