“A miracle happened!” Song Joong-ki, the reason why he is called a ‘star of personality’ by a volunteer

Actor Song Joong-ki made a miracle by directly promoting the 6th International Accessible Dance Festival for the disabled in Korea.

"A miracle happened!" Song Joong-ki, the reason why he is called a 'star of personality' by a volunteer

On the 2nd, a post titled “Actor Song Joong-ki‘s Personality” was posted on an online community. “There is an event called the International Accessible Dance Festival,” said A, who wrote the article. “It is an event where children with congenital discomfort express their feelings with their bodies and those who have been in unexpected accidents show beautiful dance lines beyond human limits”, and introduced herself as one of those who have been volunteering at the dance festival for three years.

“It’s an international event, but it’s not popular, and of course it’s not a commercial event with advertisements. Furthermore, due to the coronavirus, this year’s promotion was really serious. But a miracle happened,” she added.

A said, “In July, I saw the news that Song Joong-ki was self-quarantined due to Corona, although it was a bit difficult, I got his e-mail address. I asked him that since he had a lot of time during self-quarantine, whether he could shoot a promotional video of about 30 seconds… And I sent him the event data for the past six years, after a while, he didn’t contact me again.

The results of asking other celebrities at that time was the same. Then one day, Song Joong-ki sent me a video, about a month later. We, volunteers, were all too overcome with emotion to speak. I couldn’t give him a single guarantee, and I just asked for a simple greeting with his phone, but he spent so much time and money to do it sincerely.

"A miracle happened!" Song Joong-ki, the reason why he is called a 'star of personality' by a volunteer

A said, “In fact, I’m afraid of becoming a burden to Song Joong-ki while I was posting this. I could see why this guy is a star of personality by looking at Song Joong-ki, who showed his sincerity at the request of a volunteer whom he has never seen her face before“, and “I’d appreciate it if you could pay attention to our event. Perhaps an ordinary thing we give in our daily lives can be a miracle to someone. That’s why we should be more grateful for our lives and be considerate of others.

A posted a video along with the post. In the released video, Song Joong-ki wore a suit and sent a support message to celebrate the sixth International Accessible Dance Festival and invite everyone to join.

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