Jin was live on Vapp yesterday but was confused as no one came in to watch him?

BTS’ Jin was greatly surprised.

On the 5th, Jin reportedly turned on his Naver Vlive app and did a live stream while wearing a cute pajama.

Twenty seconds into the live broadcast but no one came in, so Jin couldn’t hide his embarrassment.


Soon he started scratching his head and said, “I don’t think the wi-fi is working,” “It’s been 20 seconds, and no one comes in?”

It didn’t end here. “Are ARMYs very busy? It’s been 30 seconds, and not a single person is coming in,” Jin expressed his sorrow.

ARMYs eventually came in and Jin had a great time communicating with his fans throughout the live broadcast, answering their questions with sincerity.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that it was because the notifications for Naver Vapp were late that ARMYs didn’t know about Jin’s live stream.

Source: Dispatch

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