From The Boyz’s fall to IVE’s bloody knee, “rainy performances” shouldn’t be celebrated

Many Kpop idols had no choice but to continue performing despite heavy rains, leading to dangerously unsafe situations.

First, on the 30th of last month, the Seoul Festa 2023 K-pop Super Live concert was held at Jamsil Sports Complex Olympic Main Stadium.


On this day, Juyeon of The Boyz took on both the roles of concert MC and performer. When it was The Boyz’s turn, they went on stage and performed “ROAR”. The problem was that it was pouring rain at the time. The relentless downpour caused some issues, with Juyeon slipping and falling during the opening performance. Fortunately, it did not lead to any severe injuries, and Juyeon quickly got up and continued with the next move.

IVE also experienced a dangerous situation. During their new song “I AM”, Lee Seo slipped and blood was seen flowing from one of her knees, with everything captured on camera.

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Oh My Girl showed distressed expressions. The girl group struggled with many floor movements and could not properly open their eyes due to the constant rain. There were also many jumping moves that could have led to slipping and serious accidents.

A similar scene happened at an event held by Gangnam District. In particular, it is the 2023 Gangnam Music Festival (G-KPOP CONCERT) on May 5th. 

During this time, the amount of rainfall was considerable. Heavy rain with thunder and lightning poured down across the country, including the metropolitan area. 


However, there was no interruption in the concert, and performers had no choice but to go through the photo time in the pouring rain and present their prepared performances. VERIVERY, WOO!AH! and others showed off their energetic performances despite the heavy rain, performing four songs each.

It was sad to see all of the artists drenched from head to toe. For female singers, there were concerns about unintended exposure, as their outfits were lifted up by the rain. Fortunately, no one was injured at the festival, and the performers’ professionalism and spirit were truly admirable. 

However, rainy performances should not be hailed, and organizers need to take responsibility instead of shifting everything on the artists’ shoulder. 

Previously, Moon Hee Jun of H.O.T. suffered a falling accident during a rainy concert at Jamsil Main Stadium. He slipped on rainwater, fell from a height of 3 meters, and was diagnosed with lower-body paralysis. It was a serious accident that could have left him unable to walk for the rest of his life if rehabilitation treatment had failed. This is why dangerous performances under the rain must be criticized.

Source: Nate

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