“School 2021” finished their first script reading with perfect teamwork

“School 2021” is raising expectation after their script reading meeting was revealed, boasting perfect teamwork across generations.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “School 2021” (written by Dong Hee-sun, Cho A-ra/Director Kim Min-tae/Produced by Raemongraein, Kingsland Co., Ltd.) is a drama depicting the growth of dreams, friendships, and excitement of 18-year-old young people who chose a different path other than the college entrance competition.

School 2021

Director Kim Min-tae, writer Dong Hee-sun, and writer Cho Ara, as well as the main characters who will lead the “School 2021” gathered at the script reading meeting. The youthful casts of the show like Kim Yo-han (playing Gong Ki-jun), Joy-hyun (playing Jin Ji-won), Chu Young-woo (playing Jung Young-joo), Hwang Boreum-byul (playing Kang Seo-young), Kim Kang-min (playing Ji Ho-sung), and Seo Hee-sun (playing Ko Eun-bi) quickly led the atmosphere with their fresh and lively energy.

School 2021

In addition, veteran actors Park In-hwan (playing Gong Young-soo), Jeon Seok-ho (playing Lee Kang-hoon), Kim Kyu-sun (playing Song Chae-rin), Lee Ji-ha (playing Koo Mi-hee), Kim Min-sang (playing Lee Han-soo), Cho Seung-yeon (playing Jin Deok-kyu), and Kim Soo-jin (playing Cho Yong-mi) filled up the performance with their strong personalities experience.

Director Kim Min-tae started with a greeting, said, “I’m very grateful that you’re here with me. I hope we can work hard and create a fun drama together,” he said, receiving enthusiastic responses.

School 2021

Writer Dong Hee-sun and Cho A-ra then said, “It’s an honor to work together like this and I think I can try to write harder now that I get to meet you guys like this. I look forward to your kind cooperation and I will try harder to make a good drama,” they said, starting the lively script reading meeting.

When the reading began in earnest, the actors quickly melted into the roles and worked together perfectly. In particular, Kim Yo-han quickly changed his gaze and atmosphere and melted into the character  of Gong Ki-joon, who lost his dream and wandered around. Jo Yi-hyun who plays the role of bold Jin Ji-won who knows exactly what she want to be, Chu Young-woo who plays the role of Jeong Young-joo with secret hurtful past, and Hwang Bo-reum who plays the realist elite Gangseo, also shows high synchronization with their character. Kim Kang-min as Ji Ho-sung and Seo Hee-sun as Ko Eun-bi also showed off perfect chemistry with Kim Yo-han, Jo Yi-hyun, and Hwang Bo-reum Byul, raising expectations for the drama.

School 2021

Jeon Seok-ho as Lee Kang-hoon and Kim Kyu-sun as Song Chae-rin, who have similar but different values, showed off their quarreling chemistry. Lee Ji-ha as Goo Mi-hee, the chairman with two different sides, Park In-hwan as Gong Ki-joon’s grandfather,…all shows their passionate acting. In addition to them, the harmony of actors who are immersed in unique characters doubles their immersion.

As such, the script reading for “School 2021” gave a pleasant atmosphere by adding the actors’ perfect sum to the exciting script. Viewers are excited about how this fresh but fierce story of young people will go.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “School 2021”, which heralded the perfect synergy between generations of the young cast and trusted veteran casts, is scheduled to air in November following “Dali and Cocky Prince”.

Source: Daum

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