Lee Mujin denies allegations of hit song “Traffic Light” plagiarizing a Japanese song 

Lee Mujin’s side responded to suspicion of plagiarism surrounding his song “Traffic Light”. 

On July 20th, Lee Mujin‘s agency BPM Entertainment issued an official position and said, “‘Traffic Light’ is a song created based on the emotions experienced by the artist himself. It has nothing to do with the other song’s composition, melody, and chord,” denying the allegations of plagiarism.

The agency continued, “We feel sorry that suspicions have been raised about the music that was created through our artist’s many thoughts and efforts,” adding that they would take actions against the spread of false information. 

Earlier, suspicions were raised in an online community that Lee Mujin’s self-written and composed song “Traffic Light” sounds similar to Japanese singer Sekai no Owari’s “Dragon Night”. 

A YouTube video comparing the choruses of “Traffic Light” and “Dragon Night” was posted, sparking plagiarism suspicion before Lee Mujin denied it.  

Below is the full text of the official statement from Lee Mujin’s agency.

Hello, this is Big Planet Made Entertainment.

We would like to deliver our official position regarding the song “Traffic Light” by our artist Lee Mujin.

“Traffic Light” is a song created based on the feelings experienced by the artist himself. As a result of analyzing the overall composition, melody, and chord progression of the song, we would like to inform you that it is not relevant to the song in the plagiarizing suspicion. 

We are very sorry about the suspicion raised about the music that our artists had created with much consideration and effort. 

Therefore, we sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors and groundless speculative reports. 

In order to protect the rights and interests of our artist Lee Mu-jin, we will continue to monitor and respond strongly to the spread of false information. 

Thank you for your interest in Lee Mujin’s music and activities, and he will come back with better music as much as your expectations. Thank you.

Source: daum

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