Chuu (LOONA) under fire for a controversial statement she made with a fan

In an episode of ‘Chuu can do it’, Chuu (Loona) shared many tips for a fan. However, the singer’s statement was considered by netizens to be lacking in empathy.

The show “Chuu can do it” broadcast on July 22 is still a topic of discussion on Korean social media. In this episode, Chuu is on a mission to find people who have subscribed to her YouTube channel. The designated location is a street in Hongdae (Seoul) and the female singer must trace 10 subscribers of her Youtube channel to be allowed to return home. While on this mission, the vocalist 9X met a male university student (referred to as A) who is pursuing a master’s program.

The audience said that Chuu, instead of “listening and understanding”, showed no sympathy for this fan’s difficulties.

A claims to be a fan of Chuu. He said, “I always find you full of energy even in the morning but I always feel like I’m going to die.” Chuu wondered: “Why do you feel like dying?”. A opened up: “Because yesterday I came home at 10 pm” but the member of Loona quickly said: “Yesterday I also came home at 2 am after dancing like crazy” and made the boy didn’t know what to say..

Chuu then went on to explain that after coming home too late, she also had to wake up early at 6am the next day and come to the filming. The beauty born in 1999 asserts that even though she is very busy, she is still happy. At the same time, the Loona member also taught A ways to make him feel happier. Chuu advises: “You should be happy because you can still eat breakfast. You see, I’m on a diet. What do you wanna eat? Here are stews and noodles”… She ended the conversation with encouragement to the male fan: “Let’s be happy”.

The LOONA member was criticized for being too careless when talking about a fan’s hardships

The unexpected conversation of Chuu and the male fan on the street received mixed responses. Many fans love the vibrant energy of the 22-year-old Korean star despite her busy schedule and only a few hours to rest. However, there are also many netizens who criticize Chuu for thinking that her statement to a college student is too carefree and thoughtless for the other party.

On social networks, the amount of comments scolding Chuu attracted a lot of attention and created a wave of controversy. The comments were unanimous: “If I were that student, I would feel quite sad. In the situation at that time, I was trying to share the difficulty I was having, and she kept pretending that she was better at it”, “Chuu is clearly right, because she is. I don’t understand what it’s like to work your ass off in school to try to get a job”, “It’s like you complained: “I’m tired of studying too much”, but the friend said : “I’m even more tired from working all night””, “That student must have felt really bad. Because she just wanted to express her miserable time, but Chuu asked, “Why do you feel like dying?” and have no sympathy for her at all”… Some comments scolded Chuu for acting arrogant and lacking empathy when talking to her fans.

Chuu’s fans emphasized that the female idol had no malice when advising the male fan above. “I definitely think Chuu didn’t mean it like that”, “I don’t think what she said is a big deal”, “I agree with what Chuu said. Although it was a bit thoughtless sharing, she doesn’t deserve to be scolded like that”… are the point of views from fans who are defending Chuu.

Chuu is loved for her cute looks, bubbly and talkative personality

Chuu (real name: Kim Ji Woo) is a member of Loona, a 12-member girl group. The group debuted in 2018 but hasn’t gained much attention from the public. Chuu’s position in the group was rapper, vocalist and visual. In addition to singing, Chuu also participated in acting. She appeared in the web drama Essential Love Culture. 

Source: TN

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