Rosé shared her feelings when she heard people mention the achievements of BLACKPINK

Rosé’s answer has received many compliments from viewers

Recently, Rosé appeared on the show “My Little Old Boy” as a guest. Rosé had a good time as well as had the opportunity to share her feelings and stories. Also at that show,  when Rosé introduced herself, some outstanding achievements of BLACKPINK were briefly mentioned.

It is known that currently, BLACKPINK is the leading Kpop girl group in the world.  They achieved many impressive records and outstanding achievements. Not only successful in music, but the girls also achieved many achievements in the fashion field.

After BLACKPINK’s achievements were mentioned, the MC asked Rosé how she feels when people talk about the group’s success. Rosé honestly replied that it was as if she had ‘heard someone else’s stories’. She also shared that all BLACKPINK members are fascinated by these impressive achievements!

Sources: koreaboo

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