“The Killer’s Shopping List”: Lee Kwang Soo failed civil service exam again and broke up with girlfriend Seol-hyun

In “The Killer’s Shopping List”, Ahn Dae-sung (Lee Kwang-soo) failed the civil service exam again and hurt his girlfriend Do Ah-hee (Seol-hyun), whom he has been dating for 20 years.

In episode 1 of tvN’s “The Killer’s Shopping List”, which aired on April 27th, Ahn Dae-sung visited Do Ah-hee’s house.


On this day, Do Ah-hee‘s father (Park Chul-min) asked after Ahn Dae-sung and informed him of his job and economic situation. However, Ahn Dae-sung replied “I don’t do anything at all” to Do Ah-hee’s father’s words “What have you been doing these days?” Even when asked about his future plans, he answered, “No.”

The Killer's Shopping List-Lee Kwang-soo

Then, Do Ah-hee‘s father put on one glove at a time and asked, “What are your father and mother doing?” In response, Ahn Dae-sung said, “My father usually plays, and my mother runs a small supermarket.”

When Ahn Dae-sung‘s words were over, Do Ah-hee‘s father tried to hit Ahn Dae-sung with a bamboo sword. Do Ah-hee, who heard this in the kitchen, corrected, “Why do you say it’s a supermarket? It’s a mart. Dae-sung Mart.”

The Killer's Shopping List-Lee Kwang-soo

However, Ahn Dae-sung was already out of the sight of Do Ah-hee‘s father and ended up coming out of the house. At that time, Ahn Dae-sung confessed that he failed the civil service exam again, saying, “I thought you would be able to leave me by this way.”

Do Ah-hee felt frustrated, “Do you think I’ve been dating you until now knowing that you’d become a civil servant? Your mart. Do you know how much the mart will cost if the apartments here are allowed to be rebuilt? Why don’t you know your potential?”


This is how they broke up. From the next day, Ahn Dae-sung started working as an employee at his mother’s mart.

Ahn Dae-sung began to cling to Do Ah-hee a day after breaking up with her. Do Ah-hee was annoyed at this, “You said you’d let me go because you love me.”


As if Do Ah-hee’s irritation was familiar with him, Ahn Dae-sung silently conveyed his feelings with a vegetable price tag, and Do Ah-hee held back her laughter. The vegetable price tag said, “Oh, darling, don’t go”, “I’m cucumber” and “I love you garlic forever.”


Do Ah-hee said, “My dad said he would kill you if he met you again. So why did you mess around at home?” Then she told Ahn Dae-sung, who kept grabbing her, “I joined a duo. I’m going to meet another man. It’s unfair that I have only you in my life” and left. The scene in which Ahn Dae-sung stared endlessly at Do Ah-hee‘s place made viewers burst into laughter.


Meanwhile, “The Killer’s Shopping List”, featuring Lee Kwang-soo and Seol-hyun‘s comical acting, is a comic investigation drama in which supermarket owner, cashier and district police officer deduce receipts as clues to mysterious murders occurring in an ordinary neighborhood. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM.

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