Seo In-guk once revealed that he used to be called out and hit by older guys during his school days because they didn’t like his eyes

Following “Pipeline” last year, Seo In-guk, who is active as both a singer and an actor, made his comeback on the big screen through the hard-boiled movie “Project Wolf Hunting”.

“Project Wolf Hunting” is a hard-boiled movie about the extreme survival caused by a rebellion that happens in a huge prison moving on the sea to transport dangerous criminals from the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

Seo In-guk transformed into Park Jong-doo, the first-degree murderer who is being wanted, and presented heinous and violent acting performances that he has never shown before. His eyes in the released trailer and still cuts are also unusual.

Appearing on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” on September 21st, the release date of “Project Wolf Hunting”, Seo In-guk talked about his eye acting in the movie. According to the actor, he has heard many people comment “I don’t like your eyes” ever since he was young because of his Sanpaku eyes, which are eyes in which either the white space above or below the iris is revealed.

In addition, he said that some older guys often called him out to hit him during his school days and said “Don’t open your eyes like that”. Some people even told him, “You will not succeed. Because you have those eyes”.

However, Seo In-guk has been able to carry out various activities as an actor thanks to his unique eyes. He said that it was either fun and ironic to be able to use the complex he has to portray characters in movies at the right time.

Emphasizing the extreme cruel level of “Project Wolf Hunting” even before the movie release, Seo In-guk is raising high expectations for not only his intense action performances but also risky exposure acting. 

Source: daum

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