ARMYs Demand Fair Treatment of BTS Members, Specifically Jin

BTS fans ARMYs are taking to social media to demand fair treatment of all members in the group. 

The fandom is specifically rallying for Jin, who they feel has not received the recognition he deserves from BTS’s management company, HYBE.


The phrase, “HYBE BE FAIR TO JIN,” has been trending on Twitter as ARMYs voice their concerns. The fandom believes that HYBE has not been acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of all BTS members equally.

Recently, J-Hope, another BTS member, released his solo single “on the street.” The song got its first win on M COUNTDOWN on March 9, and HYBE’s subsidiary label, BIGHIT MUSIC, shared about it on Twitter. ARMYs were thrilled about J-Hope’s accomplishment and started trending “#OnTheStreet1stWin” to congratulate him. 


However, some ARMYs pointed out that Jin did not receive the same treatment from the company when his solo song, “The Astronaut,” took 1st place on M COUNTDOWN. HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC did not post about Jin’s achievement as a soloist, which has left the fandom feeling disappointed.

In response, ARMYs are posting Jin’s achievements as a soloist on social media to demand fair treatment for all BTS members. The fandom wants HYBE to acknowledge Jin’s success just as they have done for other members of the group.

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Fans are expressing their love and support for all BTS members, but they want to ensure that the group is treated fairly. ARMYs believe that all members deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated for their hard work and dedication to the group.

Source: koreaboo

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  1. Perfect article…we wre really upset with Hybe .. without Jin BTS is not BTS..

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