“Running Man” members surprised viewers as they did not know how to spell “Earth”

Lee Hyun-yi and Joo Woo-jae transformed into evil guests, but “Running Man” fixed members boasted their years of experience and gained victory.

On the Jan 23 broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Hyun-yi and Irene were divided into “tall team“, Ji Suk-jin, Yang Se-chan, Jeon So-min and Joo Woo-jae were divided into “mid-sized team” while Haha, Song Ji-hyo and Song Hae-na were divided into “short team”. Following last week, the key point race was held and the relay quiz time returned.

It was literally a feast for wrong answers. Jeon So-min did not know about “Bridal Shower”, so she shouted “Brother Shower”. Song Ji-hyo made everyone laugh by confessing that she thought “Silicon Valley” was “Techno Valley”. Joo Woo-jae got “Shine Muscat” wrong and Song Hae-na failed to guess “Keanu Reeves“. Kim Jong-kook made a mistake in “Donghak Peasant Movement” while Yang Se-chan was surprised at himself as he got it right.

Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min did not know how to spell “Rainbow“, but they proudly shouted “Pass” to avoid the penalty. In addition, Song Ji-hyo, Jeon So-min, Yang Se-chan had to sit side by side and spell “Earth“, but they made viewers shocked by confidently shouting “Pass“.

Then there was a name tag removal race. Joo Woo-jae joined forces with Yoo Jae-suk to eliminate Haha first. The two also attacked Irene and Song Ji-hyo fiercely and took off their name tags.

With the help of Kim Jong-kook, Lee Hyun-yi killed “short team” Song Hae-na who was left alone. The confrontation between Yang Se-chan and Yoo Jae-suk ended with Yang Se-chan‘s victory in a tight battle. Instead, Kim Jong-kook beat Ji Suk-jin, which means only Yang Se-chan, Joo Woo-jae, Jeon So-min, Kim Jong-kook and Lee Hyun-yi remained.

“Mid-sized team” found a lot of acorns and made Kim Jong-kook an open target as well as revived Ji Suk-jin. In the end, a 4:2 match took place. Kim Jong-kook and Lee Hyun-yi eliminated Joo Woo-jae, Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min with overwhelming power. However, Ji Suk-jin created a special surprise as he succeeded in removing Kim Jong-kook‘s name tag.

Finally, the match between Ji Suk-jin and Lee Hyun-yi. Lee Hyun-yi rushed to Ji Suk-jin with a dogged spirit that she showed in “Girls who hit the goal”. However, Ji Suk-jin boasted his years of experience and removed Lee Hyun-yi‘s name tag. 

The final ones who got the punishment were Song Hae-na, Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min. Among the three, Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min were hit by whipped cream, and guest Song Hae-na managed to avoid the penalty.


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