The movie trailer has just been released, Irene attracts attention with her actress-visual.

The first trailer of ‘Double Patty’ has just been released, the Red Velvet member is praised for her attractive visual when she plays the female lead.

On January 18, Double Patty – Irene’s first movie – released the first trailer and immediately attracted attention.  Red Velvet’s leader will take on the role of Lee Hyun Ji – a girl with a dream to become an announcer.  While waiting for the opportunity, she took other part-time jobs.  The film is about young people’s journey to prove themselves.

Irene attracts attention with her actress-visual.

In the trailer, Irene appeared as an employee at a hamburger shop.  The leader of Red Velvet suddenly received many compliments because of the pure actress-visual.  Without bold, sparkling makeup like on stage, Irene still stands out with her top visual.  The trailer was praised by fans for being as beautiful as an advertisement clip.

Some comments: “The stage lenses and the lenses during filming are different but Irene is always pretty”, “Irene has the vibe of Seo Hyun Jin”, “Really beautiful”, “Hy  Hope that Irene will be in a historical drama “,” Want to see her in a drama “…

Irene attracts attention with her actress-visual.
Irene attracts attention with her actress-visual.

Irene is famous for her beauty in the top 3rd generation Kpop female idols.  The female idol is praised for having the charisma of an actress, but after 6 years of debut, she has only had her first role in her career.  However, before Double Patty is officially released, the SM beauty was boycotted because of an attitude scandal.  This scandal also affected the film and resulted in the film having to delay its release date.  Many people affirmed that they would not go to the movies because of their aversion to Irene.

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