Kim Jong-kook denies the suspicion of overusing steroids

Kim Jong-kook indirectly refuted the ‘steroids use’ suspicion that has been raised recently. 

Under the video uploaded on Kim Jong-kook’s Youtube channel on November 4th, he wrote a comment, saying, “With steady effort and the power of my mental strength alone, I got the testosterone level of 9.24 at the age of 46. This figure was 2 years ago, so it might have been lower by now. Everyone, you can do this, too. I think it was something quite amazing and I can brag a little more about this now.” Kim Jong-kook’s comment seems to be made to indirectly deny the suspicion of him using steroids raised by a foreign Youtuber not long ago.

On the 31st of last month, foreign Youtuber and bodybuilder Greg Doucette mentioned Kim Jong-kook in his Youtube video. Greg Doucette, who has 1.26 million subscribers, talked about Kim Jong-kook in the video titled “Kim Jung Kook || Natty or Not” uploaded on his Youtube channel. In this video, Greg Doucette expressed his personal opinion on whether the bodies of people who work as fitness trainers and Hollywood stars were built by using steroids.

Kim jong-kook

While explaining Kim Jong-kook’s age, physical condition, and Youtube channel, Greg Doucette said, “Kim Jong-kook has been working out for more than 20 years and has more than 2 million subscribers. Therefore, he is qualified as a fitness trainer.” Then, Greg Doucette mentioned that Kim Jong-kook has been steadily exercising like a participant in a contest even at the age of 45. Looking at Kim Jong-kook’s photos from 1996 to 2016, he said, “His body is still improving well until recently.”

Greg Doucette said, “He cannot have that testosterone level of a person aged 25 to 35 when he is already 45 years old. However, he is maintaining such an amazing physique”, and speculated that Kim Jong-kook had used steroids in order to get his well-built body.

Kim jong-kook

He said confidently, “If you had to bet a million dollars or if your line was on the line. Gun was at your head and asked ‘Hey, you gotta pick one. Is he natural or is he enhanced?’ What would you say? I’m saying he’s enhanced.” “Enhanced” is a term used to refer to a person who uses illegal drugs to develop muscles.

Greg Doucette shared, “It’s not easy to have a body like Kim Jong-kook without using drugs at the age of 45.” His video received a lot of attention from domestic and foreign netizens with more than 110,000 views at that time. On the other hand, Kim Jong-kook is appearing on SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” as well as delivering his workout secrets through his personal YouTube channel “Kim Jong-kook GYM JONG KOOK”.

Kim jong-kook
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