Psy is urgently looking for someone, “I want to express my gratitude…”

Psy is looking for someone.

Singer Psy posted a screenshot and several photos on his Instagram account on April 30th along with the caption “I’m looking for a person with the name pio0****!!! I want to thank you so please contact me through P Nation!!!”.


Psy screenshotted the question that this fan posted online in 2020. At that time, this person wrote “Is it okay? It suddenly came to my mind” under the title “How about naming Psy’s 9th album ‘SSADA9’?”

In fact, Psy recently made his comeback after two years with his 9th full album “SSADA9 (PSY 9th)”. After finding out about the post, Psy wanted to thank the writer so he made a post to publicly look for that person. 


Meanwhile, Psy released his 9th full album “PSY 9th” on April 29th.

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