A good deed secretly done by an actress who married a man 6 years younger than her

Jang Na-ra’s hidden good deed was revealed.

On August 12th, a post titled “Before visiting Aerinwon, Jang Na-ra personally sent the children the most necessary gift” was uploaded on an online community.

jang na-ra

The photos attached by the author of the post showed large-capacity chicken breast jerky for dogs, large pads and wet tissues placed in boxes.

jang na-ra
jang na-ra

The author expressed gratitude towards Jang Na-ra‘s good deed, “Jang Na-ra doesn’t want us to post things like this, but it was 8 years ago when she first contacted and helped Aerinwon, so I think it’s okay to reveal it now. Thank you for not giving up your interest in Aerinwon and being with us until now.”

When this news became known, netizens responded, “Her 8-year sponsorship is great”, “It’s cool to be that consistent” and “She’s an angel.”

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