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Singer IU has a ring that she always wears these days. What is the identity of this ring?

On the cover of “BBI BBI” album

on stage

Even when she’s about to get on the airplane

What is the identity of this ring that IU adores so much?

That ring is the couple ring that IU gave to fans at the fan meeting ‘IU Plus’ for the 10th anniversary of her debut in the last September.

On that day, IU did a fan event by giving them couple rings as a gift. IU and her mother had reportedly design the rings themselves.

The ring was made of silver and engraved with sound waves symbol. Along with the ring is a card saying, “Pansies, I’m always on your side.”

In a previous interview, IU said, “Our fans are like pansies. I feel like they are always there silently beside me. A fragile, but still sparkle. It’s kind of subtle, but they are always there.”

IU also gave fans a kit containing ASMR video CDs, socks, and photo cards.

Source: Dispatch

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