BTS always go on tours abroad, but only one member can steal all the spotlight

This is the 4 members of BTS that have left a deep impression on fans around the world during events.

BTS has now become an international idol group when the boys are invited to perform in European countries as regularly as in Korea. Not only that, the programs and events that BTS appeared in have always been watched by many fans in the world. However, there is one special thing that is when the seven boys appear together, there is always a member who catch more attention from the public.


At 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Jin is the most popular member in foreign media because of his looks on red carpet. When walking on the red carpet or being interviewed, Jin continuously gave flying kisses, and had interactions with fans, which made Jin the best out of the 7 members. Many international fans admired the beauty of “the third guy in the red carpet” of BTS.

Many fans are looking for the information of “the third boy from the left” on the Billboard red carpet.
His handsomeness melts fans’ hearts.


During BTS’ recent show in Los Angeles, Jimin created a buzz in the world with only seven seconds of him. Even people who do not love Kpop gone wild and tried to look for his information. The 7-second-long fancam on Twitter posted on September 8th has received enormous attention with 2.27 million views, nearly 55,000 retweets, and more than 120,000 favorites within two days. This proves that Jimin is the “fancam king” of BTS. Any moment of him can melt the hearts of fans.

Jimin’s face when he was listening to RM’s speech at the end of the show.
Non-fans admitted that they fell in love with him even though they don’t know who he is.


On September 24th, BTS was honored to participate in the launch of UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited program, which took place at United Nations Headquarters in the United States. Here, RM had a heartfelt and meaningful speech that has made thousands of young people in the world sympathetic.

The message of the speech is that young people should speak themselves out instead of letting others talk on their behalf to understand yourself and know who you are, what you want to say.

I am Kim Nam Joon and also RM of BTS. I am an idol, an artist from a small Korea town. Like many people, I have made many mistakes. I have many shortcomings and many fears. But I will always accept myself as much as possible. Gradually, I began to love myself. What is your name? Say it yourself.” The image of the guy representing the group standing before hundreds of heads of state is the pride of not only ARMY but of the country as well.


When BTS was on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, V had showed his Fortnite dance challenge and made anyone who was watching him said, “Who’s this blonde guy?” On Twitter, hashtag #Taehyung on that day has more than 409 thousand tweets.

V is the highlight of the show because of his cute personality.

Whether which members get more attention, BTS are still great in their way. In four moments above, what was your most impressive moment? Let’s look forward to the next event to see which BTS’ members cause the fever again!

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