Lee Jung Jae’s physical condition after 2 years of postponing his surgery sparks concern 

Fans are worrying about Lee Jung Jae’s health due to packed schedules. 

Actor Lee Jung Jae has not undergone surgery for more than two years despite an injury that ruptured his left shoulder ligament. In addition, as his hamstring is known to have recently ruptured, concerns about his health are growing.

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According to an entertainment industry official on August 17th, Lee Jung Jae ruptured his left shoulder ligament while filming the action movie “Deliver Us from Evil” at the end of 2019, but did not undergo surgery. At that time, the hospital recommended surgery within a month, but he returned to filming in 3 days.

Even after filming was over, Lee Jung Jae did not undergo surgery. He was scheduled to star in the Netflix series “Squid Game” and his self-directed movie “Hunt”, so he has been focusing on work for three years. In an interview in 2020, Lee Jung Jae confessed, “If I have surgery, I won’t be able to move my arm for 9 months. A lot of staff and actors prepared together, so I couldn’t postpone the schedule.”

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Lee Jung Jae even ruptured his hamstring while filming “Hunt” last year. After that, he did not have surgery either. He finished filming on crutches for ten days. Despite his hectic schedule, Lee Jung Jae attended all overseas awards ceremonies. During his visit to the Cannes Film Festival last May, he suffered from shingles.

Recently, Lee Jung Jae has been busy with the premiere of “Hunt”. He has continued to attend stage greetings.  After the “Hunt” screening schedule is over, he will start filming for “Squid Game” season 2.

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In a recent interview, Lee Jung Jae said, “After finishing the schedules for ‘Hunt’, I have to digest ‘Squid Game’ schedules. I also have to go to the Toronto Film Festival. After the VIP premiere, I couldn’t even drink a beer. My physical strength has dropped a lot.”

Many fans are concerned about Lee Jung Jae’s prolific work. Moreover, since most of his films are action films, netizens are amazed at how much he can endure.

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Netizens showed reactions such as “He’s a real pro. How did you do all that?”, “He lost a lot of weight for a reason”, “I think he needs to undergo surgery first.”

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