Red Velvet’s Joy liked boyfriend Crush’s Instagram post about his upcoming military discharge 

Crush is getting discharged soon and it looks like Joy is also excited about it! 

On July 26th, Crush (real name Shin Hyo Seop) shared new photos on his Instagram with the caption, “Hyo Seop D-16”, referring to his discharge from the military. Crush enlisted in the military in November 2020 and has been serving as a social worker. 

In particular, Crush’s girlfriend whom he has been dating for a year, Red Velvet’s Joy, is drawing attention by liking the post. Netizens expressed admiration for their adorable relationship. 

In 2020, Crush and Joy worked together for the first time and showed off their sweet voice chemistry in the single “Mayday”. They remained close friends after the collaboration, and recently developed into lovers. They share common interests as dog owners. Their love grows stronger through simple and ordinary dates, such as taking their dogs out for a walk together.

Born in 1992, Crush made his solo debut with ‘Red Dress’ featuring TAKEWON in 2012. Since then, he has released various hit songs such as ‘Hug Me’, ‘Sofa’, ‘Young’, ‘Oasis’, ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ OST ‘Sleepless Night’, ‘Goblin’ OST ‘Beautiful’, etc. 

Joy was born in 1996 and debuted with Red Velvet in 2014. The group gained global popularity by releasing iconic songs such as ‘Dumb Dumb’, ‘Peekaboo’, ‘Ice Cream Cake’, ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Red Flavor’. Joy dropped her first solo album ‘Hello’ in May 2021. Besides her idol activities, Joy is also active as a K-drama actress. She starred in ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in 2017, ‘Tempted’ in 2018, followed by ‘The One and Only’ in 2021.

Source: wikitree

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