“The Glory” actress returns as most anticipated villain in “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2

Kim Hieora returns with an intimidating, yet cool look in the new teaser for “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch.”

tvN recently released new video teasers for “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch.” The teasers drew particular attention to a character known as Gelly Berherd portrayed by Kim Hieora’s performance. At first glance, Gelly Berherd is merciless and maniacal, yet cool and mysterious.

kim hieora the uncanny counter 2
Kim Hieora as Gelly Berherd

After watching the teaser, netizens applauded, saying:

–          The second season is gonna be so cool

           I like her, she looks like a piece of artwork

          I could not recognize her

It is undeniable that Kim Hieora has been receiving a lot of love despite playing villain roles in many dramas. 

kim hieora the uncanny counter 2
Kim Hieora in the teaser for the second season of “The Uncanny Counter”

In “The Glory,” Kim Hieora plays Lee Sa Ra, a member of the clique that bullied Moon Dong Eun in high school. Lee Sa Ra is also a drug addict. The actress captivates attention with her character immersion and signature drowsy gaze that fully captures the essence of her character.

Source: k14 

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